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Salsa Restaurant

Greek dishes with an attitude...

Santorini island, offers so many different and beautiful restaurants for your reception venue after your romantic wedding ceremony.
One of the best restaurants for your reception on the Island is PYRGOS restaurant. Has fantastic views of the whole island, and is perfect place for dancing and live music until very late, this is the only restaurant that don't interferes with hotels around the area.

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The restaurant is located in the center of Fira, on Caldera side is perfect for dignified Wedding event..  More

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The Almira is a water front restaurant, is located on the beach of Kamari beach perfect spot for wedding receptions in Greek style. Affordable menus.

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A wonderful restaurant in Perissa beach that has quality food and drinks and big space for parties. Excellent service and affordable prices!

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On your next trip to magical Santorini, make a gift to your spoiled flavor buds and honor them with the most delicious "Saltsa" (Sauce) you have ever tasted.

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Romantic beach restaurant for your ceremony and your wedding reception. This famous restaurant is located on the Perivolos beach. We can set up the tables on the beach or you can select to have your celebration in the terrace of the restaurant. Of course, DJ and live band can be part of your reception.

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A beautiful hotel located on Caldera cliff at Imerovigli Village. Your ceremony and reception can be hold here as well.


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La Maltese restaurant is one of the most luxurious spot for your wedding ceremony and reception. Is located in Imerovigli village by the cliff site.

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'FANARI' is the flavour of Santorini's cuisine, that unique flavour of crops that have grown and adjusted in the rough yet rich ecosystem of the island. You can also try barbecued meats, fresh fish and a variety of seafood dishes while enjoying the splendid view of Santorini's "Caldera".

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'Atmosphere is situated in space that completely justifies its name. Mr. Dimitris Theodorou has created a restaurant with high standards bringing rich experiences, as a watter front restaurant in Kamari beach Santorini

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And much more Receptions for your dream wedding in Santorini

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Saltsa Restaurant

Fira Santorini Next to the knight clubs

Greek dishes with an attitude...

With the belief that Santorini is a gourmet destination and after spending many years in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Athens (Varoulko, Aristera-Deksia) and the largest hotels in Santorini (Katoikies, Tsitouras Collection), Dimitris Lazarou created for the first time on the island and specifically at Fira, his own gastronomic suggestion.

Fresh ingredients of the Santorinian land and sea inspirationally brought together for your appetizing travels. The often alterations of the menu, the daily dishes and the prices will turn you into a frequent visitor.

Visits which begin with caper, olive or tomato flavored handmade bread, continue with fresh, delicious salads on fish or meat dishes that will make your mouth water and conclude with divine sweets that no one can resist.

Even the space of the restaurant itself is a pleasant surprise for the island. It was taken care of by Daphne Kalogianni whose knowledge and experience transformed a simple veranda into a place of relaxation. This atmosphere of ease combined with the pleasure of taste, will make you forget that you are there just for dinner.

A veranda with view, paved with old tiles, decorated with beautiful, carefully selected, furniture and a garden with olive trees and aromatic plants, await to treat you to simple Greek dishes with an opinion.

"The craving for cooking was a fact. The idea began years ago in Athens, when I, my wife Lilian and our three children decided to move to the island. The idea matured when the appropriate place was found. We trusted its transformation into what it is today to Daphne, who worked together with Lilian and created exactly what we had in mind. A place of cooking inspiration for me and gastronomic pleasure for our guests".

Dimitris Lazarou

Saltsa Menu

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