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Santorini Wedding Locations
Santorini island, offers so many different and beautiful places to get married, that it is very hard to decide where to get married.
Civil Weddings
Civil weddings can take place almost everywhere on Santorini. The highly recommended locations are: In Fira, Imerovigli and Firostefani and generally all the western side of Santorini We can arrange a ceremony at a private veranda of your hotel, at Santo winery veranda ( see our web camera ). Or if you wish to save same money and be very stylish, why not go for a wedding at one of the black sandy beach of Santorini. Lets not forget a wedding on a sailing boat at the sunset time, or a wedding on the black Island Of the Volcano Island. For more information about the locations please don't hesitate to e mail me any time at
You will receive your printed photographs in an complimentary album before you leave Santorini !
Saint Irini - Santorini Fira Village
At the chapel of St Irini,  Magnificent view  Of Santorini Caldera and the Volcano, Fantastic sunsets.
Chapel of Profits Ilias
We can organize your wedding at the chapel of Profit Elias, it will be a stylish, professional  event... incredible view
Santo Winery
is perfect for dignified Wedding event...
Antoniou Winery
A stylish Black rock decorating winery that give a fantastic contrast to the wedding drees of our beautiful brides.
Santorini Black sandy beach
Stylish and you don't have to pay wedding location fees, professional and dignified event...
Katikies hotel Oia Santorini
Fantastic Wedding location Note: You have to be accommodated in the hotel in order for us to organize your wedding there. No extra charge for the location for your wedding if you stay on he hotel.
Dana Villas
Fantastic Wedding location Note: You don't have to be  be accommodated in the hotel in order for us to organize your wedding there.
And much more Locations for your dream wedding in Santorini
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Antoniou Winery


 Photos of Antoniou Winery, Santorini
This photo of Antoniou Winery is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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