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Are you planning to get married on the romantic Island of Santorini? Then, chances are you have a lot of questions and concerns about hotel accommodations and transportation, but most importantly wedding preparations and reception arrangements.

Your wedding day should be your time, free of worries and hassles. Let us help you plan the most memorable day of your life from the time you and your guests arrive to the time you depart the island.

My name is Nicholas Sirigos and I am a wedding planner in Santorini for the last 15 years. Prior to that, I was a wedding photographer and photo-tour journalist in New York. Then, I decided to come to my home town " Santorini " and start my own business as a photographer and wedding planner.

Contact me today via web cam at any time and have a chat. I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions so that you know what to expect before you come to our lovely Island, Santorini.

My Skype name is:  nikossantorini1

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Nicholas Sirigos 


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