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Aion Wedding Venue Santorini

Santorini Wedding Venue Aion is the newest and most requested Wedding proposal spot of Santorini. Firstly, It’s located in the heart of Santorini Fira, Where you can see the famous sunsets romantic views. Secondly, Among other Santorini Proposal Spots, this place offers the most! For Instance, Private restroom and bridal room is available for the couples! Thirdly, Decorations are available and included in the price!

This Santorini wedding Proposal Spot offers different packages so you can choose the one you like most! Hence the following of this page.

Most Importantly, We have a priority on dates and bookings with this Santorini proposal venue and we’ll always find availability for you at this place!

− The Santorini Proposal −

The industry of Santorini Proposals have to continuously evolve, get more creative and most of all be ahead of the competition! Our team in partnership with Aion Santorini Proposal Spot work hard to give you the latest updates and ideas!


Santorini Wedding Venue Packages

Aion Proposal Spot and wedding venue


Ormos Package

Venue Hire Options – €400

Aion Package

Venue Hire Options – €700

Obsidian Package

Venue & Accomodation Package – €900
•  1 Hour Rental fees for the terrace/venue
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
• Private Room
• Champagne Glasses
•  2 Hour Rental fees
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
• Private Room
• Champagne Glasses
• Wine Tasting for up to 10 people
•  10 Chairs with White Cloth
•  2 Hour Rental fees
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
•  Private Room
•  Champagne Glasses
•  Wine Tasting for up to 10 people
•  10 Chairs with White Cloth
• (1) Romantic Night for the couple at Wind Mill House in Fira 


Imagine being on top of the world with the one person you love most in the whole entire universe. This is the place for you! Aion Santorini Wedding Venue offers everything and much more.

The Santorini Wedding Venue Aion is the most unique Santorini proposal spot on the island. In Addition to architectural miracles this venue is the epitome of romantic atmosphere and service.

The Name Aion means “Century” in Greek, Symbolizing the eternity you will be together with your life partner. In conclusion, This Private Proposal Spot in Santorini offers all you’ll need for your special day.

Lastly, If you wish to have a look at more more than this Santorini Wedding Venues check out the button below!

Santorini Wedding

One idea is all you need to make the perfect Santorini Wedding. A Concept was created and thus we made Santorini Venue, The best of all Santorini Wedding Venues for small groups and couples.

Every detail is important for your Santorini Wedding and here at Santorini Venue we pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure a quality result event by event.

The atmosphere of a Santorini Wedding  & Santorini Proposal Venue is our first priority! A lot of work was put into it and most importantly the feeling of Love & Passion in the air is worth every bit of it.

Specialists & Designers have added details to make sure Santorini Venue is all you will need for your Wedding here in Santorini.

We are here to make all your wishes come true! All you need to do is to send us an email and talk about your big day!


For Aion Wedding venue reservation, contact us at any time Here

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  • How much does a wedding in Santorini cost at Aion wedding venue & why hiring a wedding planner

If you’re hosting your wedding here in Santorini Greece, It’s most likely that you are coming from a different country. Your country for sure has different laws and regulations. A Santorini Wedding planner will take care of legal matters and also will point you to the right vendors. Therefore your Santorini Wedding Cost will be affordable and at high value! Generally like any place, The more you put into a wedding the more it will cost. Santorini Though is a fairly affordable place to host your wedding compared to other famous places!

  • Where in Aion wedding venue located and how much dies it cost 

Aion Santorini Wedding Venue a one of a kind private area located in the heart of Fira, Thira/Santorini Greece. It is located on the Caldera Side with magnificent views of the Sunset and water. You also see the well known volcano of Santorini and it’s surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Santorini!

The Cost to book this Private area in Santorini is very low compared to other private venues. Here is where you should and you can host your Santorini Wedding & Santorini Proposal.

  • Does Aion wedding venue has coordinator, Do I need wedding planner 

You do need to book a Santorini Wedding Planner who will take care of the small things. Important things Such as music, the coordination of your photographer/videographer, fireworks or other important aspects of your special day!

We do have staff that can help you coordinate your special day and keep your Santorini Wedding Cost lower. But it’s strongly recommended that you hire a planner to be by your on such an important day.

  • How big of a Group can Aion Venue can accommodate 

Aion Wedding Venue is the ideal place to enjoy your once in a life time experience. The one place keep your Santorini Wedding Cost at low prices. We can hold a group of 25 people very comfortably and host your wedding reception as well! Enjoy a magical sunset evening and try our Greek Gastronomy. Let the Greek legacy that consists of Tastes from the Aegean Sea and Wine from Local Soil of Santorini!

  • Does Aion Venue provide Dinner and Drinks Packages

Yes, We will provide you with menus of Dinner & Drink Packages to choose from and pre-book. This way you don’t have to worry about anything the day of your wedding! We provide meals for all types of food lovers and different religious eating preferences.

  • What wedding services does Aion wedding venue offer

Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is booked through different planners. Here is a list of Santorini Vendors we love so you can check it out. Let’s discuss with us the options and approaches you can take for the best quality of service

  • Is it possible to have a low cost Stres free wedding planning experience

Most Certainly! That’s why we are here, So that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Aion Wedding Venue will take care of everything in regards to your special day from the very beginning! Send us an email at and let’s start talking about your magical evening with us!

  • Do you charge for consulting us via Email or Phone 

Of course not! We understand young couples especially that now just begin their life and try to keep their Santorini Wedding Cost low. We only charge you for services we can provide to you here in Santorini. Services such as Private Dinning Area, Wedding Area, Drinking Packages, Meal Packages and other similar services.

It’s our pleasure to talk with you step by step to get to know all important and beautiful details. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you the soonest possible!


What additional event services does Aion Santorini Venue offer?

We’ll guide you to the right people to provide everything you need for your affordable Santorini Wedding Cost. Here at Aion Santorini Wedding Venue you will have everything needed for a magical and unforgettable evening! We have a long time experience in Santorini Wedding and with confidence assure you that you’ll enjoy every part!


  • How much communication will we have before our wedding day?

As much as you need, We’ll be by your side from the very first day. Feel free to ask questions, We are always happy to answer them and give you tips & tricks. It’s always good to have options to keep your Santorini Wedding Cost on your budget!


  • Will we see the sunset from Aion Venue Private Terrace?

Yes of course! Aion private terrace has the first and most beautiful location. You can see the magical Sunset of Santorini as you exchange rings or propose to your significant other. Having a romantic private dinner at Aion’s private terrace is also a very popular request that you deserve to experience!


  • We want something BIG & Unique, Is that something we can arrange?

Yes of course! Unlike other Wedding Venues, We are also Very close to sea level at Fira on the Caldera. Which means that we can put together a plan that will have a Yacht to take you on a cruise. Either Before or after your big moment it’s great to have an adventure and have fun always at Aion.



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