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Santorini Fireworks

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Santorini Fireworks

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Santorini fireworks is one of the most impressive moment of your wedding day that takes place on the first dance of the couple. A super show with fireworks or just a small fountains firework symbolizing will give a special note on your wedding day. Admire a unique event of Santorini firework at your wedding day with low cost as we have many different packages starting from fountains of 20 euros.



Our company is known worldwide for our top design of fireworks and special effects. Every display we perform is totally bespoke and no two displays are the same as we renew the range of shapes and color palette twice a year.

For our experience and awarded design

  • The first company of fireworks in Santorini with experience of four generations and participation in world class events.

We guarantees your safety during your wedding moments

  • We carry full public liability insurance of €10.000.000.
  • Exclusive suppliers in Greece of high precision European no debris pyrotechnics.
  • High technology equipment that exceeds industry standards in durability, accuracy and reliability.
  • Specialized technical crew with experience and know-how.

Spectacular fountains fireworks for the first dance

santorini fireworks weddigs

Special offer price for santorini wedding  F O U N T A I N   F I R E W O R K S

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Firework Services

Wedding Fireworks Santorini

Wedding Fireworks Santorini

Fireworks fountainFireworks fountain

santorini Aerial Fireworks

Aerial Fireworks

fireworks ;Low FogLow Fog

wedding sky lanternSky Lantern

santorini wedding balloonsBalloons

Spectacular show  With  Fireworks fountain

Nothing says celebration more than fireworks! Combine the colors of the sunset and night sky of Santorini with a big celebration fireworks package. It’s guaranteed to give joy to you and your guests on such a special occasion! Furthermore, Your wedding or proposal pictures will be amazing and unique. You can choose from several Santorini firework packages to decorate your big day. Some Santorini Wedding Venues allow for fireworks but some don’t. Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you all the information needed and solutions.

Quick Answers –

  • Do you set up everywhere? – Most Places!
  • Who will ignite the fireworks? – We will strictly!
  • How high do they go? – About 30 meters.
  • Will the fireworks be in the pictures? – Of course.

Ideal for the first dance

The fountain fireworks are ground fireworks. Which means, They go up to a certain height and give an illusion of continuous light sparkles. Among other wedding decorations, the fountains fireworks are a great choice for the first dance! Usually we set them up around the couple and ignite them all at the same time while they dance. In contrast to the big fireworks, These ones give emphasis to something specific such as the couple in the middle! It’s a spectacular sight to see the guests of a wedding gathering around and cheering for the groom and bride. In the end, A wedding is a very special day and should be celebrated to the fullest!

Quick Answers –

  • Do you set up everywhere? – Most Places!
  • Who will ignite the fountain fireworks? – We will strictly!
  • How high do they go? – About 3-6 meters.
  • Will the fireworks be in the pictures? – Of course.



Award-Winning Show Design

Our Internationally awarded design guarantees the best result for a given budget.

Full Liability Insurance

We carry full public liability insurance of €10 million for each event having 100% safety record!

High Tech Equipment

Our reliable and high precision equipment exceeds industry standards in accuracy ruggedness and versatility.

Experienced Crew

With expertise and technical know-how from world class events our crew will ensure a safe, hassle free and enjoyable experience of a spectacular display.

Waterproof Show

Rain does not affect the design and implementation of a Nanos Fireworks display.

100% Safety

The most important aspect of the show, safety, is what our brand name guarantees.

N E X T  P A G E  F O U N T A I N S  F I R E W O R K S 


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