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weddings in santorini reviews

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weddings in santorini reviews

You have ready a lot of reviews about santoini wedding planners. We have had the pleasure and privilege to have organized weddings for couples from all over the world such as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, India, Germany, France, Belgian, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Austria, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Jersey, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, United States and of course, Santorini Island.


What our clients say about us:

santorini wedding reviews

We married in Santorini on 19th August 2013. The big decision at the start of our wedding planning was which Wedding Planner/Company to go with. There are a few Santorini wedding planners out there so we made sure we did our research. Nikos by far came out the cheapest after doing the research and sending out a few enquiries. We exchanged a few emails with a few of the planners and decided to go with Nikos we didn’t regret this at any point. From the moment I sent an initial enquiry to Nikos he was always so fast at getting back to us and always very informative, helpful and professional. Most times I would receive a response the following day if not the same day as sending out the email.

weddings in santorini reviews

We chose Dana Villas for our ceremony venue and a beach front taverna in Kamari for the reception they were both fantastic venues with Dana Villas being the dream ceremony venue, breath taking views of the Caldera and a perfect size for our 29 guests. The day after we arrived in Santorini we met with Nikos and his assistant Jessika and they took us to see the ceremony venue and the reception venue. It was great to finally see them for real and very exciting. This meant we could then relax for the next few days leading up to the Wedding Day.

Nikos organized a coach to transport our guests to and from the ceremony, which picked our guests up from each of the hotels they were staying at. We had a fantastic photographer and videographer included in our wedding package, the flowers which were included were perfect and were exactly the same as the picture I had emailed. Nikos also arranged the makeup artist and hairdresser, they both made my couple of hours before the wedding, when I was getting ready completely stress-free. Makeup was great and my hair was exactly as the photograph I had taken with me.

We had a fantastic day we couldn’t fault Nikos and his team all the way through the whole experience. The DVD and photos are fantastic and were hand delivered to our honeymoon suite before we left Santorini to return back to the UK. Approx. 60 photos had been printed and displayed in a photo album, which was lovely as this meant we didn’t even have to wait until we saw our photographs. Couldn’t have wished for a better planner than Nikos and his brilliant team.

Thank you so much. Chris & Amy Jones

weddings in santorini reviews

Dear Nikos

Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us and our marriage. We appreciate how quickly you have replied to all e-mails we have sent, and how well you answered all of our questions. You not only helped organize our ceremony, but relieved stress from planning. During our time in Santorini, you have also made yourself available to us if we had any questions, problems, or needed any other help. Thank you for that also. We were both very impressed with your professionalism and demeanor. Even when a problem arose (like the post office loosing papers) you remained upbeat and did all you could to remedy the matter. The ceremony was wonderful and the location was amazingly beautiful

Again thank you for everything,

Sarah and David

weddings in santorini reviews


I just received a most wonderful present in the mail from you. The wedding video was AWESOME!!! I had no idea it would be edited. The pictures and the music he choose were perfect. I cried again as i watched and relived the wonderful day. As i told you before we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Your arrangements were perfect, and on Gods most beautiful island! I feel really stupid for once i watched the video i realised the disk you gave us was the pictures. Neither Kim or I had figured that out before but now we have them. (Please don’t think we are dumb, just a little slow). Would you please give the photographer/videographer our thanks for the great job and esp the editing and choice of music and video. If i can ever be reference for someone coming from out of the country i would gladly to that. After watching the video it is a reminder of the need to visit you again. i just don’t think we can wait another 5 years., Thank you again for everything and we will send you a picture for your memories.

sincerely, Joyce Priest

Hi Nikos
We are now back home and getting back into the normal routine.
We are just writing to say a big “Thank You” for helping to make our special day a huge success.
The whole day was absolutely perfect and your planning of the wedding transport was part of it. From picking us all up at The Seaside Hotel and Helen from The Kamari Beach to returning us all back, it was perfect. Your vehicles and the drivers were excellent and please pass on our thanks to them for the wonderful service they gave us.
We will certainly recommend you on the internet to any future customers.
Once again “Thank you very much”
Helen & Steve Clayton

 santorini sunset weddings

Hello Nikos, Anna and Jessy

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you again for EVERYTHING! Dakar and I had such a wonderful time. We loved our wedding; it was romantic, gorgeous, spectacular and just overall wonderful! Thank you for all the legwork you did to make it happen, especially with all the difficulties of the paperwork! Nikos, thank you again for being so kind as to pick us up from the port at midnight!!! That was definitely going above and beyond and I can’t tell you how relieved we were to see a friendly face! it was such a long journey, but we made it! We had a wonderful time. I also must comment and tell you that the cake was MARVELOUS and that champagne was the BEST champagne we have ever had!!! Can you tell us the name or brand? I think it was Asti something or other. But we would love to order some to share with our friends. it was absolutely wonderful.

Any chance you could be in contact with Anna to get the unedited footage of our wedding day? My mama loves to do home videos and she wanted to do some special editing with the wedding and our old baby pictures.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! A hundred times thank you again for giving us the wedding of our dreams!

All our love,

Rachel and Dakar Luna

Santorini Weddings reviews 

santorini wedding car transportationDear Nikos

I hope you are well.

How the time flies. It still feels like our wedding happened only a few days ago, yet yesterday was 5 months since that beautiful day.

The review.

When we decided to get married, our first location was Mauritius, however due to certain reasons it fell away. That’s when we looked at Greece in general and at Santorini in particular. The photos of other lucky couples who got married in Santorini were breathtaking and very special. We loved it instantly.
The challenge for us< though was to find someone reliable and professional, who could help us to organize our dream wedding. As we are based in Cape Town, South Africa, I had to use internet. So I spent days, screening online reviews, looking through hundreds of photos, checking locations and thinking what kind of wedding I really wanted. The choice was plentiful hence the decision was hard. Luckily when you have a certain budget, the options get narrowed very quickly! When I sent out a number of emails to different wedding coordinators, I was very specific about what I wanted and how I wanted it. I think such approach saves everyone lots of time! It didn’t take me long to realize that Nikos Sirigos, who replied to my enquiry instantly – will be looking after us in Santorini.
From the very first email Nikos wow’ed me with his service – he was very efficient and informative. His turnaround time was amazing – for people like me it’s a deal breaker. His people’s skills are fantastic – long before we met in person he managed to build a rapport with me and I started trusting his judgements and recommendations. When we met in person, he continued to be a very patient and attentive person, plus we could see how charming he was. He simply didn’t have “NO” in his vocabulary – what an outstanding customer’s service! – going extra mile for his clients was a given for Nikos.
Needless to say that all our additional requests were satisfied.I was extremely nervous before my wedding and it was extremely calming for me to see that everything was in hands of professionals.

There were no hiccups. Even photo session after the ceremony wasn’t very tiring as the photographer knew the location as the back of her palm. As a result our wedding photos are out of this world. The location – Saint Irene -was simply stunning. The sunset views were magical- the weather was definitely on our side!
Our ceremony, though held in Greek (the celebrant spoke very poor English) was very special and all our guests had tears in their eyes.

The next morning, Ana – another fantastic fairy of Nikos’s team- brought us our photo album with already edited and printed photos and a CD with 500 photos.

I can recommend Nikos Sirigos to anyone who appreciates the service and professionalism. His prices were the best!! when I was looking and it must be that rare case when you get the best wedding coordinator, paying the reasonable rate.

As mentioned before we had a very intimate wedding for 17 people and our budget was tight, however we were treated as VIP’s and Nikos and his team made our experience truly amazing.

Thank you Nikos, Ana and all the others who looked after us on the 3 September 2011! You are true gems in your business and we are very lucky to have chosen you as our wedding coordinators.

Warm regards from Cape Town

Milla and Jess Green


Hi Nikolas,

santorini wedding love birds
Sorry we didn’t get a chance to say good bye to you in Santorini. We had an awesome time with you and everything went so well. Pictures look great, haven’t had time to see the dvd yet as we just got home. Thank you again for your wonderful service and arranging everything. Geri

santorini photography tour

Hello Nikolas ,
We would like to thank you for the really nice wedding ceremony and everything surrounding this. We were very happy about
the pictures and the video. We got a lot of compliments of our relatives and friends and we wish to share this with you.
This holiday in general was a fantastic experience and we will recommend it to everyone.
Thanks again and who knows , maybe we will meet again one day.
Best regards
Diana & Alain

weddings in santorini reviews

( This is not a wedding cake, is real picture from Saint Irene chapel )

Hello Nikos!

We are back home and working again. We want to thank you for a beautiful wedding! The photo’s and the film are perfect and our family was excited! Thanks again and greetings to Anna!

Greetings Wilfred and Simone

Nikos, once again Lana and I truly appreciate all of your hard work and preparations to make our wedding a full success. I know I brought up the idea before we left, but is there a link that I can go to to submit our experience with your services? Thanks again for all of your help Nikos and Lana and I REALLY want to come back to Santorini. We couldn’t tell you how badly we wanted to stay. Thanks Nikos.


We had the pleasure of meeting Nikos Sirigos. To my wife’s and I opinion, he went above and beyond what he needed to, to ensure that we have the wedding of our dreams. The location for the ceremony, our dinner afterward, and the pictures that he took of us was absolutely priceless. To add to Nikos’ accolades is that he was with us every step of the way even knowing he had to plan more weddings the very same week. We wouldn’t have gone any other route for our wedding in Santorini. Thank you Nikos.

Rob and Lana Akin

P.S. Trust me, when Lana and I come back to Santorini, we’re going to look you up so we can go out and have a drink or dinner. Thanks again Nikos.


Also a huge, huge thank you to Nikos and George, the photos and video are far beyond what we expected and we are thrilled to bits. They were very professional and kind, and helped to make our wedding so special.

Douglas L Walsh and William Kelly

Hello Nikos,

I have been meaning to write you and thank you. The vow renewal was absolutely wonderful. Everything was perfect, it was more than I thought. Thank you for making it all come true. We had a superb time. Thank you for making it all come true, also please send my regards too Anna because she was wonderful too.
Also the pictures you took are too die for, even though the weather was all bad:)

Ayşe Cevzici

Hi Nikos!!!

I wanted to send you a note expressing our deep gratitude for everything you and your crew did for our wedding back on May 19th. The day was beautiful, and Kristine and I were blown away with how everything turned out. We can’t thank you enough for getting everything turned around in just a day and a half! The pictures are gorgeous, the video is incredible, and I’m so happy you were able to use the music we provided. Our family and friends love it, and you have no idea how many people have commented on how gorgeous the photos are.

Thank you once again, and please let everyone involved know that we couldn’t be happier with everything. We thought getting married abroad was going to be a challenge, but you made it so easy for us!!!


Brian Weber

Dear Nikos,


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